World's First Carbon Fiber Macbook

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Worlds First Carbon Fiber Macbook, sort of.

I was starting to get tired of people bitching about the limited availability of colors on Macbooks. I looked around to see how people are modding these things but everytime you go to a forum on the web regarding anything Mac, you end up with comments from a bunch of idiots that have never modded anything yet think they are experts on the subject. Let me say this, Colorware Macbooks look fantastic and if I were rich I would do it. However, I'm not rich, and I have serious issues with paying someone $450 to do something that I can do for $20 and a few hours of my time. I have painted a Macbook (blue) for my friend and it looks amazing. I, on the other hand didn't want to void my warranty so I thought long and hard about ways to change the appearance of my Core 2 Duo Black Macbook. This is my second one and is about 5 days old. I like this model because of its size and the power it has for a laptop. I just don't like the fact that it shows finger prints so easily. Long story short. I was at the automotive store looking for something completely different for my car (which cost less than my Mac) and I came across this stuff called "Carbon Graphix". If you aren't familiar with it, it's a vinyl sticker material that looks like real carbon fiber and it is quite durable. I had a light bulb come on in my head. This stuff can be removed, it's not paint, its tough, and it won't void my warranty. The reason that it saves the warranty is that you don't have to disassemble anything to put it on. Basically, it's a sticker, a really cool sticker. Having said all that, here are the pictures. It looks amazing and I get all kinds of looks with it now. With a lack of professional looking finishes for the Macbook, I think this will become a popular mod. Actually, its not even really a mod. It's just a sticker. This MB looks right at home next to the MBPs at the office now. I'm sure that there are tons of other patterns available at sign shops or other places that sell vinyl sticker/laminate material. You can like it or hate it but I just like the fact that mine is different now and it didn't cost me half a grand to get it that way.

Dec 14,2006
Don't worry about residue. I have taken this stuff off of other things already. The little bit of sticker residue comes of with a piece of duck tape dabbed repeatedly on the spots that it stays. I really appreciate all the good feedback guys and girls. I just wanted something cool and it seems I've found it. Be careful with the Apple logo. That was the hardest part about putting this stuff on. You'll need a really sharp exact-o knife and a steady hand. A lot of people have been telling me that they can't find the graphics material. If you are having any difficulty locating it let me know. I can sell you a sheet. I have a lot of extra and a good merchant account at ebay. I'll even pre-cut the outer edges for you. The Apple logo will have to be cut by you when the material is installed. The interior of this unit is not done. I started to CF it but it was really just too much. Let's face it. It is what it is. On the outside it looks good but when you plaster every inch of the Macbook with CF it kinda looks too unbelievable. I will post more pictures on Tuesday next week. I'll try to include some detailed installation photos. If you need any tips on this stuff, email me at Owners of White MBs aren't out of luck. There are other patterns and colors out there, although I'll admit CF doesn't look good on white. You'll just have to look around. The point of this whole post was to show that you aren't stuck with Apple stock colors. Will post more later.

Dec 16, 2006
New tip on CF Graphix installation. Cut the stuff diagonal to the factory edges. It will blend to the laptop much better. I have redone mine with this method and will be posting pics soon. A real Carbon Fiber Macbook is in the works. I'm rounding up supplies now and looking for a donor MB to operate on. Check back here and there for updates.


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